Mario is the main protagonist of the Nintendo franchise. He goes round, saving Peach, playing about and even battling!

Appearance Edit

Mario's appearance is a style of a plumber. Plumbers have overalls. First sentence. Plumbers do have overalls. Mario's is blue. Plumbers have shirts. Mario has long-sleeved red shirt. Second sentence. Plumbers do have overalls. Most, like Mario, have long-sleeved shirts. Mario has red. Mario has a red cap. Mario has a white circle in the middle of the cap and a red M in the middle of the circle. Quite confusing, actually.

Appearance changing every game Edit

Mario's appearance and length change every game. MatPat measured Mario as 4.6". But that was Mario's hight in the Super Mario Bros. game. His usual 8-bit self was 8-bit plumber. Like at the top of heading. But with no M. Skip forward to 2012-Present. Mario has regain shape. He had grown a few feet. Get it. A few feet? Clearly he does not have 10 feet! No, oh OK. He is in 3D. He is like a normal plumber.

The Point of the Appearance Edit

The Point of the Appearance is that people can recognise the character through the whole game. Any game, not just Mario!

Origin Edit

Mario goes through many origins. From 1981 to 2012 to now! I can't believe after 34 years, Mario is the same.

Names Edit

Mario has loads of names. His original name was Jumpman. But Shigeru Miyamoto changed it to Mario. In Paper Mario: The Thousand year door, he has been called (with the numbering meaning the chapter

  1. Marphy?
  2. Marty-O
  3. Gonzales
  4. (None)
  5. __________
  6. Luigi

Countries Edit

Mario has 2 countries

In Game Edit

Mario has an in-game home called 'The Mushroom Kingdom'. Mario's adventure usually starts here.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon Edit

In this cartoon, Mario and Luigi's home is in a place in Brooklyn.

Marriage and Relationships Edit

Peach Edit

Peach is Mario's No. 1 Priority. She, when captured by Bowser, encounters Mario in a relieved feeling. Although Peach is Mario's fiancée, Mario still has competitions. Mario Party, and Mario and Sonic in the Olympic Games.

Luigi Edit

Luigi is Mario's brother. Mario loves Luigi so much. Although they might get into an argue of something, Mario and Luigi will never break up.

Bowser Edit

Bowser is Mario's No. 1 enemy. It is unknown why Bowser captures Peach, theorized that Bowser has some jealousy.

Daisy Edit

Mario and Daisy doesn't really encounter each other. Apart from when in Super Mario Land, Mario saves Daisy from this weird thing.

The Kong Family Edit

Mario only encounters Donkey Kong on adventures.

Donkey Kong Edit

Donkey Kong used to be Mario's enemy when Donkey Kong was hanging out with Mario's first fiancée, Pauline. Now, Mario and DK get along with each other. With Pauline out of the way.

Mario never encountered:

Diddy Kong Edit
Dixie Kong Edit
Cranky Kong Edit

so far. They might encounter each other in future games, I don't know. Tell Shigeru Miyamoto.

Koopa Family Edit

Bowser Jr. Edit

Mario has encountered Bowser Jr. in New Super Mario Bros., NSMBWii and NSMBU. Also, a similar kind called 'Baby Bowser' cn be encountered in Yoshi's Island.

Koopalings and Boom Boom and Pom Pom Edit

The Koopalings are Mario's mini-bosses with Ludwig Von being cleverest.

Minor Enemies Edit

Mario has no use with the minor enemies. For most of them, he jumps on their head.

Others Edit

Mario only appeared with Sonic's crew and Kazzam! crew on games.

Profile (Explained) Edit

Name Edit

Mario had two names in his development.

Jumpman Edit

Mario was named Jumpman during his early development.

Mario Edit

Jumpman Mario was renamed Mario during his later stage of development.

Age Edit

Mario is 34 years old.

Personality Edit

Mario has a pure, humble personality. He does stomp a few enemies but after all, Mario is the protagonist.

Likes Edit

Luigi, Peach, Power-ups, Winning and Yoshi

Dislikes Edit

Bowser, Bowser Jr., Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Koopalings, Losing and enemies.

First Game Edit

Little O' Jumpman Mario was in Donkey Kong, 1981.

Latest Game Edit

Famous Mario's latest game is Mario vs Donkey Kong, 2015.

Notes Edit

Mario is Nintendo's mascot

Mario's creator is Shigeru Miyamoto

Donkey Kong, 1891 Edit

Story Edit

Mario and Pauline has been hanging out together. Fiancé and Fiancée. Then Donkey Kong had stole Pauline to the top of the tower! Mario is going to get Pauline with his escaping plan...

Gameplay Edit

This is E.T for the Atari. Mario has to dodge DK's barrels and climb ladders to the top of the tower. That tells you how old this is. By the way, Mario's name was Jumpman at this time.

Enemies Edit


DK's barrels

Allies Edit


Donkey Kong (Parodies), 1982. Edit

Mario had lots of other encounters with DK in these parodies.

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